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I have been thinking about death more often lately. I never thought about it much when I was younger but wondering about it has been creeping up more and more in my thoughts: when will I die? How? Will I be happy with what I have done with my life? Will the end come too soon? The only thing that seems obvious is I won't be seeing anybody I know on the other side. Death is a lonely stage: whether you're in company of others or not, you die alone.

I fear death a little bit. I don't want to die thrashing about futilely. I don't want to be uncomfortable or in pain when I die. I hope it will be sudden, a simple passage from one state to another. A state of silence, inertia, darkness. A state of non-existence and no awareness of it.

If there is one thing I don't care about in the afterlife, it's my online presence. Now,there getting the public worried about it, as if dying in itself wasn't enough.

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